The Department for Education guidance for the full reopening of schools in September 2020 has just been published and we are now busily working through every detail so we can formulate a safe, comprehensive and of course, fully compliant plan of action. We cannot wait to see ALL your smiling faces again and we will provide details for the start of the academic year just as soon as we can. Please bear with us just a little longer! Thank you as ever for your patience and support.

Reception Class - Elm

Mrs Roo Sheppard

Elm Class Teacher

Mrs Bailey

Elm Supply Teacher

Mrs Leanne Prime

Elm Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kathy Browning

Elm Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wendy Branton

Elm Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Elm Class
I want you to know, I am still your teacher, this is still our class team and we are very much thinking about you!
We may not be sitting beside you to help you overcome challenges,
we may not be there to reassure you and give you a hug when you need it most, 
we may not be there to high five you when you do something awesome and tell you just how amazing you are! 
BUT we are constantly thinking of you! We are wondering what you are doing, what you are learning. YOU are very much in our thoughts. 
As we wait for change to come, which it will, it is so important that you know...
We are so PROUD of you and all you have achieved so far.
We are STILL here. 
Please keep uploading your learning, your crafts, your family games and all the amazing things you are doing in this time, onto Tapestry and I will look and comment on these posts. 
You should also have received a Wonde login via e.mail. You can also communicate with me through the 'classroom' app. I will upload things to this page regularly. You can also share work here. 
Thank you parents and carers for all you are doing at home :) 
Mrs R Sheppard, Mrs Bailey, Leanne, Kathy and Wendy :)
Our Summer 1 Topic- What's growing in the garden? 
As it is unlikely we will be back after Easter, feel free to explore this topic led by your child's interests. They may be interested in what is growing in their garden, you might want to call a friend or relative and ask what is growing in their garden, are gardens around the world different? Why? 
They may want to help you plant some things in the garden, you could explore what grows best this time of year and why? You could also practice months of the year and seasons, thinking about what grows best in each month and season. 
We also love looking at minibeasts in this topic! When you are looking at what is growing in the garden you might come across different creepy crawlies! Where are their homes, what do they look like? 
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' is one of my favourite books for this topic. If you have this book at home, you could share it with your child, or you can listen to Mrs Rosser reading it on our 'Staff Stories' on the Bude Primary Academy, YouTube channel.
If you would like some optional activities, here are a few. I would love to see what you come up with as well. Please upload any learning to Tapestry.
Optional Activities
  • I wonder if you have seen any caterpillars in your garden or on your walks? Can you take some pictures of them to show me? Can you make a caterpillar by cutting out lots of circles and joining them together? Or you could make a paper chain caterpillar or you could do a detailed drawing of one. I wonder what you will do?
  • I wonder if you could make a beautiful butterfly? Did you know that butterfly wings are symmetrical? This means that their wings are the same on both sides!
  • The Hungry Caterpillar, ate lots of different things... I wonder if it was all healthy? Before we went into lockdown we were thinking alot about healthy eating. I wonder if you could make the caterpillar a menu or a packed lunch that might be more balanced and not give him tummy ache?
You could also use this as a great opportunity to learn your days of the week.
I wonder what other activities you can think of?

Please also find below some more OPTIONAL resources and the link to Mrs Rossers story.
VE Day 
This Friday 8th May, marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in England Day.
I wonder how you and your family will celebrate this at home? Will you bake some wartime treats? Make some bunting? Maybe you could have a go at making a special Spitfire jet? I have attached a video explaining VE Day simply and some activities from Twinkle. I would love to see what else you might come up with! We are doing a special VE feature in the Newsletter this week, I will be looking on Wonde and Tapestry for any uploads that might be able to go on the Newsletter.
Stay safe :)
These are some learning projects put together by Aspire Academy Trust. Please feel free to use these as a guide to support your learning at home. There is no pressure to do these, they  are a guide and optional. Everyone's home situation is different, the most important thing is to spend time with your family and build memories where you can.
We are here to support you and when this is all over, we will help get your children to where they need to be :)