The Department for Education guidance for the full reopening of schools in September 2020 has just been published and we are now busily working through every detail so we can formulate a safe, comprehensive and of course, fully compliant plan of action. We cannot wait to see ALL your smiling faces again and we will provide details for the start of the academic year just as soon as we can. Please bear with us just a little longer! Thank you as ever for your patience and support.


Welcome to our home learning programme.

You will have access to the first two weeks of activities, filed under the relevant key stage/class. Please pace this over the two-week period. Several of the tasks are open-ended and you can explore the themes as deeply as you wish. To fully benefit from the programme, please can you register with the following sites:



Our home learning programme offers many suggestions for learning and links to excellent websites. All are free to register. A worksheet can be viewed on-screen and answered in the exercise book provided to avoid the need for printing.


We are also delighted to introduce our very own YouTube channel! We will be uploading short stories read by familiar faces from across Bude Primary Academy for you and the family to enjoy over the coming weeks.

Mr Edwards has compiled some activities 'Outdoor Ideas At Home' you may wish to try as part of your home schooling. 


We have set up access for our pupils to learn Spanish from home! An email has been sent out to all Parents/Carers of pupils from Year 1 to Year 6. The link is also found below:
If you find that your child is unable to access the work set for their specific year group either because they are finding it too challenging or not challenging enough then we encourage parents/ carers to select the year group above or below as appropriate. If you are still finding that your child is not able to access any of the home learning and would like some guidance around how the learning packs could be adapted then please contact who will forward your questions to Hannah Lee (SENCO) who will be in contact. 
Pupils also have access to the Wonde dashboard via the CHILD LOGIN button on the homepage and can freely use Timetables Rockstars, Sumdog and other apps. Joe Wicks is also offering daily exercise sessions on YouTube which you may wish to register for. 

Please make sure whichever device your child is on; internet safety is key. Do not leave your child unattended on the internet for long periods and aim to engage with the activities that they are doing. Please visit the Aspire eSafety page at the link below for further guidance.


If you cannot access the apps or website, adapt your activities. This is a guide to help you provide a week’s education, it is flexible, and you can change it. 

Helpful pointers for home educating

Motivation is key and regular sessions each day will help with this. If your child feels saturated, try a different task. Reward the effort made with a star (stuck or hand-drawn) at the end of the work.


Create a daily timetable, design it with your children. Factor in fun times for all. Learning time needs to have a different feel to playtime. 


Read the task in advance of your child so you have any idea of what they need to do.  If you have several children can the older children support the younger ones? Can you all do the same activity at times (art, music, science?), to avoid your attention being pulled in many ways.


Make sure there is a balance to the day, ensuring plenty of exercise. Have a mixture of handwritten and online tasks.


If your child is struggling, reassure them. We often use the phrase, “You haven’t got it yet but one day you will”. 


And BREATHE!  You've totally got this...