EYFS Curriculum

Our ethos
Our EYFS is packed full of fun and meaningful learning through play experiences. Our indoor and outdoor environments are rich and enabling environments, developed by practitioners who are dedicated to providing 'wow' moments and irresistable activities where children learn 
Children experience adult directed learning (which we call together time) where we teach new skills and knowledge in a practical and active way. This includes Read, Write Inc phonics which we do every morning. Children often start with the knowledge of few or no sounds and in the first month we learn a new sound each day. We also build up 'Fred talk' where we sound out and repeat words with Fred the Frog. Story reading is a key part of our day and we carefully choose texts which the children can join in with and enjoy. Starting an early love for books is such a vital aspect of education at our school. We also have a daily maths session where we do White Rose inspired Maths Mastery full of practical maths with a rich mathematical vocabulary that builds throughout the year. 
Our topics are between 4 and 6 weeks long, depending on interest, engagement and learning. These topics are broad and open questions which leave room to follow the direction of things the children want to learn (as well as covering our own curriculum intentions). For example, our topic "What's in an egg?" took lots of different directions in both classes last year, from dinosaurs to birds, to mythical creatures. We even found dinosaur eggs in the woods and invited a scientist to come and investigate them! This was very eggsiting! We love to have lots of 'wow' 'ooh' and 'ahh!"moments - that is where the best learning happens. 
Child initiated learning experiences are very powerful and enable children to cover all areas of the curriculum. Play does not just happen. Our environments are laid out carefully to maximise the learning opportunities. We carefully add enhancements to the learning area to stimulate their experiences or teach them new skills. Children are taught to help themselves to resources and also to take responsibility to put them back carefully for the next person. This is the same outdoors - our learning sheds and packed full of resources which children can select from with their friends. 
Please see other areas of this curriculum page to see how we approach reading, writing and maths in more detail.