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Reading & Phonics

Reading at Bude Primary Academy – September 2019


At Bude Primary Academy we believe reading is a fundamental skill that, has to be taught and needs to be loved by all. We believe that reading should offer a life-long journey of fulfilment and gateway to future possibilities.

Each class

  • Each class has a class novel/book, each half term, for Storytime. This is done daily for 20 minutes.
  • Each class reads books linked to their topic.
  • Each class has a reading register with tracking sheets, reading word lists and Aspire reading grids.
  • Every class has targeted children who need extra support with reading.
  • Children are given a session in the Library once weekly and have an independent reading session within class daily to enjoy and share books with peers and access their reading corner.
  • World book day is celebrated every year (March 5th 2020).
  • World read aloud day is celebrated every year (February 5th 2020).



Home – school reading

  • EYFS/KS1 – use RWI phonics books as well as an additional book to share for pleasure to be changed at least twice weekly.
  • Every child has a home school reading record which is signed 4times a week by parents and by school when a child’s reading has been heard.
  • All parents and children have opportunity to visit the school library at the end of the day once a week. (Timetable at bottom of page for each year group)
  • Year 6 children will have a reading journal to take home where they will reflect on their reading and make an entry at least 3 times per week. Parents/Carers will check and sign this piece of work once completed and class teams will monitor this. Year 5 will be starting this from January.


Reading Incentives

  • EYFS/KS1 and YR3 rocket reader
  • Year 4 Karate reader
  • Year 5 and 6 reading for pleasure. Personal incentives linked to love for reading and exploration.

Links with Parents/Carers

  • Reading record written in at least 4 times weekly by parent/carers when a child reads.
  • Storytime session termly (Autumn term November 19th linked with stargazing night, Spring term World Book Day WC tbc)
  • Supporting your child with reading EYFS meeting, yearly.
  • Reports given out in July.
  • Parents Evening (November/March)
  • Phonics Reading café termly.
  • Parents questionnaire (January 2020)

Group Reading

  • EYFS follow RWI phonics scheme.
  • KS1 follow RWI phonics scheme. (VIPERS being introduced as of January 2020)
  • KS2 whole class guided reading activities linked to cracking comprehension. (VIPERS being introduced as of January 2020)



  • PIRA reading assessments termly.
  • Ongoing assessment linked to Aspire reading grids.
  • Guided reading sessions/individual reading sessions for teachers to assess children’s progress.
  • RWI phonic assessments half termly.
  • KS2 weekly comprehension sheet.
  • Pupil conferencing to assess and develop pupil voice.
  • Yr2/Yr6 SATs.

Reviewed by staff 12/11/19


Timetable for Parent/child Drop-in library time

Infants – 305-315

Juniors 315 -330