We look forward to seeing everyone back as usual on Monday 4th Feb!

Poppy Class (ARB)

Welcome to Poppy Class ARB!
(An ARB is an Area or Additional Resource Base for children with a range of individual needs)
No day is ever the same in Poppy Class!
Every day we all learn something new with and from one another.
We have a superb team of experienced staff
and equally amazing pupils.
Together we enjoy:
The progress and achievements of our six pupils are shown throughout the school year using P-scale or age-related expectation measures as well as through extensive photographic learning journeys that can be accessed online by parents.
We are very thankful for the support of our pupils' parents and like to keep daily contact with them during the school term.  We also appreciate the participation of parents on our exciting school trips and have a termly open class to celebrate the success of our pupils.
A selection of our highlights during each school week are relaxing in the sensory room, exploring the garden, movement to music, soft play, horse riding with the RDA, Pets as Therapy with Tony and Raven, music therapy with Mike and a range of learning activities designed to meet and challenge the individual needs of our pupils.
Please see below our annual learning overview and provision map as well as examples of individual Poppy Class timetables.
For further information, please feel free to contact the Poppy Class teachers at the school or via the e-mail addresses below.
Infant School Inspection, February 2018
Staff go the 'extra mile' to ensure that pupils are happy and settled.  Staff work effectively with pupils who have a range of complex emotional and mental needs.  The care and nurture that staff provide enables vulnerable pupils from all backgrounds and abilities to feel appreciated, valued and welcomed.  Pupils and parents agree that this is a strength of the school's work.
Leadership changes to the ARB have brought about a greater emphasis on pupils' learning.  Leaders ensure that the teaching and provision on offer is effective.  As a result, these pupils now acheive well.
Teachers in the ARB are using new assessment information well.  As a result, pupils' learning needs are met. 
The pupils in the ARB make strong progress because teaching meets their needs well.
Junior School Inspection, December 2017
Pupils in the ARB are making good progress from their starting points.  Teachers are setting appropriate targets for them and they are developing their social skills alongside their reading and writing skills.
Recent changes to the leadership of the ARB have brought about greater focus on pupils' learning.  As a result, teaching is more closely matched to pupils' needs.  Leadership systems are being refined and teachers' expectations are rising.
Leaders place an emphasis on providing a safe and caring learning environment for all pupils.  They are generally successful.  There is a wide range of pastoral support in place for pupils when they need it and a variety of interventions and therapies available to vulnerable pupils who need particular, targeted support. 
As result of the work leaders put in, a number of pupils with significant challenges in their lives are able to take part in the life of the school successfully.  Pupils who attend the ARB gain a great deal from this support structure and their personal development benefits considerably.

Bruce Paton

Class Teacher, Pupil Premium and Children-in-Care


Sally Biddick

Class Teacher


Sue Meadows

Class Teacher

Sam Higgins

Teaching Assistant

Veronica Stone

Teaching Assistant

Ronaldo Cann

Teaching Assistant

Gary Tilly

Teaching Assistant

Trina Copplestone

Teaching Assistant

Natalie Davis

Teaching Assistant

Liz Polak

Lunchtime Supervisor

Zoie Butler

Lunchtime Supervisor

Tash Robinson

Volunteer Teaching Assistant

Ros Sanderson

Volunteer & Teaching Assistant cover

"Music-Man" Mike

Music Therapy

Tony and Raven

Pets as Therapy

Jackie Birchmore

Pastoral Support

Emma Thomas

Parent Support Advisor