At Bude Primary Academy we respect learn and achieve together


Mrs J Putnam

Class Teacher

Mrs H Stickney

Class Teacher

Mrs V Munks

Teaching Assistant

Here we will share some of the fantastic learning we have been doing and you can find out our plans for the term ahead.
Hannah Stickney, Jane Putnam and Vera Munks
Play for a Day

We had a great day with Sophie Hatch from the Plough Theatre, who came to teach us even more
about Earnest Shackleton and his wonderful adventures, using drama. We had a fabulous day using
improvisation and roleplay to explore his expeditions which culminated in the development of our
own improvised play, which we showed to our parents and carers

This half term we have been looking at materials. We have been investigating the different
properties of materials, whether they are good thermal insulators, how strong they are and why
different materials are used for different jobs. We learnt whether materials dissolve and then how to
separate solids, solutes and liquids of different densities using sieving, filtering, evaporation and
During this topic we’ve performed loads of different, exciting experiments and have been developing
our skills in working scientifically. Here are some of the fair and comparative tests we conducted.