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Mrs J Putnam

Class Teacher

Mrs H Stickney

Class Teacher

Mrs V Munks

Teaching Assistant

We hope you all had a fantastic summer. Here we will share some of the fantastic learning we have been doing and you can find out our plans for the term ahead.
Hannah Stickney, Jane Putnam, Vera Munks, Sharon Pollard and Trina Copplestone
In English, we are kicking things off by looking at The Lost Words. This is a fabulous poetry book, which combines beautiful words with stunning illustrations. The Lost Words centers around the idea that 'words are disappearing from children's lives. Words like Dandelion, Otter, Bramble, Acorn and Lark'. We are welcoming Sharon from Ancient Art Falconry to display and talk about some of their fabulous British birds of prey. We will then write our own poems based on this inspiring experience. 
In Maths, we are learning about place value. We are using concrete, pictorial and Abstract way to represent numbers and concepts. 
Our topic this half term is Ancient Cornwall. In Crackington, We will be focusing on the changes that happened in Cornwall during the Iron Age. We will Look at how people went from a primarily nomadic life, to settling and becoming farmers and the societies which grew from this.  We have been amazed by how many incredible Iron age remains there are in Cornwall and have discovered the existence of two Iron age rounds, here in Bude.  

This half term we will be looking at materials. We have already begun investigating the different properties of materials. We have used 'plickers', which is an interactive tool for answering multiple choice questions. The children can answer honestly and it's a really fun way of assessing their (and our) knowledge.
As the term progresses, we will be looking at why different materials are used for different jobs. We will learn whether materials dissolve and then how to separate solids, solutes and liquids of different densities using sieving, filtering, evaporation and magnetism.
During this topic we will perform loads of different, exciting experiments and will be developing our skills in working scientifically.