Bude Infants - Key Stage 1

Mrs S Miles

KS1 Literacy Lead

Mrs A G

KS1 Maths Lead


Our Key Stage 1 team are all excellent teachers who realise that when children enjoy learning, they learn a lot more. iPads, interactive whiteboards, the woodland area and learning games are all used as a way of increasing enthusiasm for learning.

At the end of Key Stage 1 children take their national statutory assessments, which provide parents with an overview of how well their child has achieved throughout their time in our school.

From September, our whole academy will be adopting the White Rose mastery approach to maths in order to give children a deeper understanding of number, shapes and measure through problem solving activities and challenges. We are excited to extend our teaching skills and to offer a more dynamic teaching approach with a wide range of apparatus in order to give children the skills to accelerate their learning. We have overhauled the timetable in order to provide special time for maths fluency activities and have invested heavily in new and exciting resources for all classes. We are committed to provide the best maths education that we can and have 3 maths leads between both schools who work closely with one another to learn new teaching/learning techniques through training and research. 
Mrs Garrad