Bude Infants - Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Mrs K Leitzell


EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

In Foundation Stage we have two classes - Elm Class and Beech Class.

Although we have two separate classes, we encourage 'free flow' between the three classes and our designated EYFS outside area which is effectively an outdoor classroom.  This free flow culture provides a great opportunity for the children to discover new friendships, build confidence and access different learning resources.

When selecting your child's class, we will try to keep familiar faces and friendship groups together as much as possible for a smoother transition and offers piece of mind to both children and parents. If your child does not know anyone though, we will always make sure we find them a special group of friends to help them settle in.

Life in Foundation Stage is busy busy busy with a 'play to learn' ethos and constantly changing activities for children to choose and participate in. We encourage outdoor learning as much as possible - rain or shine so be sure to keep a pair of wellies in school!

Focus Week

In partnership with parents and carers, your child will be a focus child once a term during their reception year. During this week we will ask you to either send in some significant photos or to take some photos of your child doing what they like to do at home over the weekend. You will be able to send the photos to your base’s email address or upload them directly onto your child’s Tapestry, if you don’t have a paper copy. We will also send your child home with a form for you to fill in together. During their focus week the staff will record your child’s experiences on a Learning Journey sheet.

Also during their focus week, your child will bring home the class “WOW BAG” which has a plush toy that can have a ‘sleepover’ with your child. Maybe your child could draw a picture, tell a story or take a photo of the plush toy at their house.  When they return the “WOW BAG” they can bring in a book and a toy from home to share with the class. This will be your child’s ‘show and tell’ time as toys from home aren’t allowed in school at other times.

After the focus week, we will be able and ready to agree next steps with you and your child. If you would like to discuss this with the class teacher, please feel free to make an appointment with your class teacher.